Get Brush Tan formula – Dark Tan

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Our medium color ( Dark Tan, nr 2)

-Refill for Get Brush Tan
– 2 refill bottles 55ml.
– Vanilla smell
– For a deeper color
– A nuance that fits all skin types

Product Description

We provide DHA which eliminates the risk of your skin coloring orange. Our fluid contains anti-aging components, softens and uses aroma therapy to give nourishment to your skin with a beautiful and healthy, natural sun-kissed glow.

A darker solution for you who wants to obtain a deeper color suntan. You get a golden brown suntan whenever and wherever you want. Developed for easy and safe home-use. A good ground-coloring is effective 5-7 days without turning orange.

Besides obtaining a brown color as a result of the formula, you also get an aroma therapeutic effect due to the use of seven natural ingredients based on fruit and herb extract as well as etherical oils.

– Naturally boosting Ginseng
– Contracting and cleansing green tea
– Calming and cell-restoring cucumber
– Pulse-elevating Ylang-Ylang
– Healing lavender and sandal wood
– Simulating rosemary
– Naturally pigmenting vanilla
– Softening Jojoba and Aloe Vera
– Restoring vitamin A and E

Good to know!
We don’t use parabens in our formula and our products are not tested on animals.

The company that blends our bronze-indicator color uses a component similar to caramel color. We are EU-certified and Anvisa certified. Our products are safe to use on the body.


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