Get Brush Tan formula – Extra Dark

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Our darkest color ( Extra dark tan, nr 3)

-Refill for Get Brush Tan
– 2 refill bottles 55ml.
– Vanilla smell
– Our darkest color

Product Description

Our extra dark fluid consists of natural etherical oils, herb and fruit extract.

We provide DHA which eliminates the risk of your skin coloring orange. Our fluid contains anti-aging components, softens and uses aroma therapy to give nourishment to your skin with a beautiful and healthy, natural sun-kissed glow.

Use on dark skin tones for best results.

Besides obtaining a brown color as a result of the formula, you also get an aroma therapeutic effect due to the use of seven natural ingredients based on fruit and herb extract as well as etherical oils.

– Naturally boosting Ginseng
– Contracting and cleansing green tea
– Calming and cell-restoring cucumber
– Pulse-elevating Ylang-Ylang
– Healing lavender and sandal wood
– Simulating rosemary
– Naturally pigmenting vanilla
– Softening Jojoba and Aloe Vera
– Restoring vitamin A and E

Good to know!
We don’t use parabens in our formula and our products are not tested on animals.

The company that blends our bronze-indicator color uses a component similar to caramel color. We are EU-certified and Anvisa certified. Our products are safe to use on the body.


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